Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines day to all those love birds out there and to you fellow single ladies (hey girl I’m with you)!! The poem below has to do with being in love so I thought this was appropriate for today. Don’t be fooled though… I was thinking about a cheeseburger while writing this because I have never actually been in love. This is just what I always hoped, and imagined, being in love would feel like. I think a lot of girls wish to feel like this someday too. So single or not, I hope you enjoy this poem. xoxo. This picture of me devouring this cheeseburger was my inspiration. Poor quality but high quality meal. Scroll down to read the poem!

And its nights like these where I feel every piece of you,

Your warmth,

Soft touch,

Tender kisses,

And everything that we represent,

Whatever that may be.

I feel you under the starry, sapphire blue sky that sparkles above me, captivating, and enveloping all of me.

We are the twinkling stars that I see dancing,

Almost like ballerinas prancing through the wind,


And ever so blissfully.


A small smile makes its way on my face,

And I pretend I am far, far away from reality.

I enter my dreams.

My dreams consist of a forever.

A forever with this magnificently bewitching sky,

And a forever with you.


P.S- Remember that the only love you NEED is unconditional love for yourself ❤


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