They Say Time Heals Wounds


They say time heals wounds,

But I still feel so blue,

You were my best friend,

The only one to turn to.


Now a year has gone by,

And I still can’t sleep,

The hole in my heart,

Is just too deep.


You remain on my mind,

Each and every day,

Laying in silence,

With the memories on replay.


I scream with anger,

As I scratch at my skin,

Why did he do that?

Why did he let the demons win?


I miss him so much,

I don’t know what to do,

So I bang at the walls,

Telling myself it’s not true.


I feel my stomach quiver,

And my heart begins to break,

My insides turn to poison,

As if I were bitten by a snake.


The poison spreads,

And kills me inside,

So I close my eyes,

And pretend you’re by my side.


I want to change the past,

But there is nothing I can do,

You’re an angel of heaven now,

In time, I will see you.


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